HAGCSA Registration, Payments, Invoicing *
HAGCSA Registration, Payments, Invoicing
The HAGCSA Board of Directors would like to gather info from its members regarding the use of the website as a tool to conduct HAGCSA business. Please fill out this survey so the HAGCSA can better serve its members.
I pay most HAGCSA invoices with a check
I pay most HAGCSA invoices with a credit card
How we currently conduct business (invoicing, payments) is how we should continue?
Would you be willing to pay a credit card processing fee if you were able to pay online?
I would be willing to register with a third-party site to both register and pay with a credit card.
Is 5% of the event price acceptable if you could pay online?
If there is any fee associated with paying online, I will never pay online
Paying online will make things easier for me
I don't want to be charged any fees, it should be included in the price.